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    Hakel is a dynamic company which since foundation in 1994 has quickly developed in terms of turnover and the product assortment. This dynamism can also by observed in the approach to developing the quality of the manufacturing products.

    Hakels experience in the use of power electronics in industry, is related to its leading position in the Czech Republic and Europe. Hakel produces and exports to all countries and all continents.

    The insulation monitoring devices offered by the company are used for easy application in ungrounded IT power systems in metallurgy, civil engineering, shipbuilding, in hospitals and the transport environment. 

    HAKEL Ltd. produces and exports to countries on all continents (export countries in grey).

    Export map HAKEL
    Export map HAKEL

    Recently HAKEL company started new line of products – Isolguard series. These insulation monitoring devices enable users to monitor their IT power supply systems in metalurgy, engineering, shipbuilding, hospitals and transport facilities.

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