Surge protection for offices and family houses

This era brings the need to use a lot of equipments and appliances which already contain sensitive electronics. This makes life easier and allows more comfortable control of equipment. But many of us underestimate the danger of lightning stroke and overvoltage which can arise in a separate building. But even an object protected against direct lightning stroke can not ensure that induced surge will not damage sensitive electronics that controls the expensive appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the need of protection of all sensitive electronic equipment used in offices and homes.

HAKEL offers plenty of protection solutions against lightning and overvoltage. Lightning arresters PIVM12,5, which are installed in the main switchboard, then a surge protector, which is an integral part of every secondary switchboards PIIIM. For a complete security of all electronic devices it is necessary to install an arrester with high frequency filter as close as possible to the protected equipment. For these purposes, HAKEL offers an arrester with high-frequency filters PI-k (single-phase connection) and PI-3k (three-phase connection). When the propounded arresters are used properly we can exclude a break-down of purchased expensive sensitive equipment.



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