ISOLGUARD 2.0 Config

Autor: Šárka Hroudová

Our new program for setting up the HAKEL ISOLGUARD system.

In the past our HIG-8IN and HIG-IFL DELTA products were set up using separate programs that were available on request with our sales representatives. Or it could be done with a superior device, namely HIG-8IN using MDS-D and HIG-IFL DELTA using the HIG95 DELTA Insulation Monitoring Device. However setting up multiple pieces was not straight forward.

Now we present newly created programISOLGUARD 2.0 Config, which will simplify the whole process. All you need to do is connect the two mentioned devices, HIG-8IN and
HIG-IFL DELTA with a USB cable directly to your computer and then the program guides you through the configuration. Then you are able to generate a PDF protocol which can be used as part of revision report or documentation for switchboard. Setting up our system has never been easier.

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