New G-line SPD series for photovoltaics

Autor: Šárka Hroudová

We launch a new range of G-line PV lightning and surge arresters for photovoltaic installations

The new product range complements our core product range. For voltage levels of 600-1500 V DC, we offer both T2 and T1+T2 SPDs in both U and Y connection (which guarantees zero leakage currents) for all LPL levels, i.e. for all possible applications from small island systems to large buildings and large solar parks.

The selection of PV arresters is described together with the characteristics of the individual products in our overview catalogue Photovoltaic systems.

You can find the products with all details and documentation in the product catalogue under: DC Surge Protection Devices/Lightning and surge arresters for PV systems.
We recommend you to try our parameter filtering.

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