Our new website – the right solution for you!

Autor: Šárka Hroudová

We are very pleased to present the new HAKEL website on the domain www.hakel.com.

Let's take a look at what's new for you.

The new website is innovative in the search system by the Solution itself for all those who do not know how to choose the right product for a given project and implementation. Thanks to the intuitive search engine and the precise description, you will never make a wrong choice again.

The second way to search the site is in the Product Catalogue itself, where you select Surge Protection devices or Insulation monitoring devices and the subsequent options for effective filtering of adjustable parameters become a clear help. A new feature is the full-text search, where you simply enter selected keywords.

The graphic design has also changed to be more modern, but still capturing the essence of our business. We have switched to a so-called responsive website. In other words, this means that the site automatically adjusts to the size of your browser. Now you can easily browse the site from your mobile or tablet and have us on hand whenever you need.

When creating the site, we tried to make sure that its functionality and new layout would suit you first and foremost. Currently we have a Czech version of the website. As far as the English version is concerned, the product catalogue is currently running. We will launch the search by Solution during the spring of this year. Of course, our sales and technical support remains at your disposal.

Many thanks to CS technologies, for the new website.