Surge arrester type T3 for LED lights protection

Autor: Šárka Hroudová

In today's world, where huge demands are placed on minimal power consumption, whether the reason is rising energy prices or environmental considerations and ecological impact, LED lights are an essential light source. Their low operating costs are compensated by high investments and their several-year payback is linked to their trouble-free condition. LED sources contain surge-sensitive electronics and it is therefore necessary to protect these devices against these unwanted effects with surge protection devices. These will help to ensure extended reliability of LED lights.

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We recently launched the product intended for LED lights protection, HSAA-2 NPE LED S, which meets the requirements for the protection of end devices of surge category I. The product’s installation is designed directly to the LED light and offers a possibility of signaling the SPD status in two ways.

More information can be found directly on the product's website pages, where all documents are available, including application connections, possibly also in solutions for administrative buildings or family houses.