Article number: 70 002
  • Digital measuring instruments of insulation resistance, voltage (AC and DC) and status of surge protection devices.
  • Simple control with several multifunction buttons.
  • The principle of measuring the status of surge protection devices consists in a linear voltage increase with the measurement of the so-called milliampere point at varistors and ignition voltage at gas discharge tubes.
  • Evaluates the type of the measured element (varistor or gas discharge tube).
  • The internal memory contains an extended database of surge protection devices, not only for HAKEL products.
  • Multicolored graphic OLED display with excellent readability, patented system for storing the test pins.
  • Possibility to illuminate the measured object by a bright LED light and charge the battery right in the instrument.
  • Small dimensions and low weight.
  • Complete technical parameters and operating information are contained in the user manual, which is available for download on our product web pages.
Insulation resistance measuring range Ri 0.1 ÷ 9 999 MΩ
Rated measuring voltage Ri Um 40 ÷ 1 000 V
Measurement resolution Ri According to the partial range
Surge protection measuring range USPD 40 ÷ 1 050 V
Measurement resolution USPD 1 V
DC and AC voltage measuring range (for f = 45 Hz ÷ 65 Hz) U 0 ÷ 600 V
Voltage measurement resolution 1 V
Power supply 4 x AAA alkaline battery 1.5 V, NiMH accumulator 1.2 V
Equipped with display Yes (OLED technology)
Protection class according to IEC 61140 II
Surge category (with protective cover) CAT III / 300 V, CAT II / 600 V
Degree of protection IP40
Dimensions of the measuring instrument 260 x 70 x 40 mm
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