HIG-MT 30/5 A

Article number: 71 531
  • Used to sense the current load of a medical insulated power supply system, which is monitored by the insulation monitoring device from HAKEL.
  • Available in the range of primary current 25 A to 100 A, secondary current 5 A.
  • Construction is pluggable, is supplied in two dimensional versions, depending on the primary current.
  • Designed for installation in an IPS panel, they can be mounted to the distribution board using reduction brackets (included), or using a DIN rail bracket (must be purchased separately).
  • Alternatively, the transformer can be mounted directly on the copper profile, up to a maximum size of 20 x 10 mm.
  • Work reliably with HAKEL HIG95-DELTA and HIG95+ insulation monitoring devices.
Primary current 30 A
Secondary side current 5 A
Power P 1.5 W
Accuracy class
Overcurrent number (FS)
Transformer construction Pluggable (without interrupting the primary conductor)
Frequency f 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Housing material Self-extinguishing
Recommended cross-section of connected conductors S 1.5 ÷ 2.5 mm2
Operating position Any
Operating temperature ϑ - 25 ÷ 40 °C
Article number of DIN rail bracket 71 541
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