HIG-PS 24V/15W

Article number: 70 093
  • Universal power supply for mounting on the 35 mm DIN rail, primarily intended for powering the remote monitoring module MDS-D, MDS-DELTA or fault loation module HIG-IFL DELTA produced by HAKEL company.
  • Output voltage is stabilized 24 V DC.
  • The operation of the source is signaled by a green LED on the front panel of the product.
  • Integrated output short-circuit protection and thermal fuse with an automatic renewal of the power supply after the fault.
  • This power supply source is also designed for industrial use such as current loop power supply of the two-wire transmitters, sensors power supply, indication devices power supply etc.
Nominal supply voltage AC Us 90 ÷ 264 V
Frequency f 47 ÷ 63 Hz
Output voltage DC Uout 24 V
Output current Iout 625 mA
Power P 15 W
Isolation voltage input / output AC 4 000 V
Degree of protection IP20
Operating temperature ϑ - 40 ÷ 50 °C
Recommended cross-section of connected conductors S 1 mm2
Installation On DIN rail 35 mm
Modular width 3
Operating position Any
Altitude up to 5 000 m. a. s. l.
Protection class according to IEC 61140 II
Pollution degree according to IEC 60664-1 2
Operation type Permanent
Recommended back-up fuse 6 A/gG
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