Article number: 70 919
  • Insulation monitoring devices series HIG95 are devices for monitoring the insulation resistance in hospital applications.
  • In addition to the insulation resistance, the IMDs also evaluate the current and thermal load of the IT system and thus meet the requirements for monitoring the medical, isolating protective transformer.
  • There is also a number of monitoring panels, thanks to which the requirement for remote status signaling can be easily met. This is a series of MDS.
  • The IMDs are equipped with a display for displaying currently measured values. The display together with the buttons is also used to set up the device.
Monitored IT power supply system type according to IEC 61557-8 AC, MED
Measuring range of insulation resistance RF 5 ÷ 900 kΩ
Adjustable range of critical insulation resistance Ran 50 ÷ 200 kΩ
Number of insulation resistance fault levels (Ran)
Rated voltage of monitored IT system (AC) Un 230 V
IMD power supply From measured IT system, From independent power source
Supply voltage range 90 ÷ 265 V
Visual signaling of thermal and current overload of the isolating transformer Yes
Monitoring of current overload of medical transformer Yes, using product TOM and current transformer
Monitoring of thermal overload of medical transformer Yes, using product TOM
Supported temperature sensors 1x NC contact, 2x NC contact
Power consumption P 5 VA
Measuring voltage Um 12 V
Measuring current Im < 0.6 mA
Measuring input’s internal impedance Zi > 1 000 kΩ
Measuring accuracy ± 10 %
Electrical strength against internal circuits 3 750 V
Equipped with display Yes (OLED technology)
Supported module of distant signalisation (MDS) MDS-D, MDS-DELTA, MDS10
Communication interface for user RS485 bus
Communication protocol ISOLGUARD
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection of front panel IP40
Degree of protection except the front panel IP20
Operating temperature ϑ - 10 ÷ 60 °C
Protection class according to IEC 61140 II
Recommended cross-section of connected conductors S 1 mm2
Installation On DIN rail 35 mm
Modular width 2
Operating position Any
Operation type Permanent
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