Article number: 10 240
  • Voltage limiting device class 2.2 for AC or DC traction systems public transportation as are tram or trolleybus systems.
  • Intended for the protection of non-live parts of metal structures.
  • Ensure the equipotential bonding between inactive parts, which are not conductively interconnected due to the operating conditions.
  • Used for effective protection of persons who may get in touch with these parts in the event of a lightning strike or traction line failure.
  • Installed directly on the protected construction structure with connection to the track.
  • In the event of a fault by short-circuiting the structure with the track, a quick-release switch will react and interrupt the power supply of the traction line.
  • Resistant to vandalism, acid rain and mechanical damage.
Class of VLD according EN 50526-2 2.2
Type of VLD according EN 50122-1:2011 VLD-F, VLD-O
Maximum non-triggering AC voltage UW 60 V
Nominal triggering DC voltage UTn 120 V
Short time withstand current DC (25 ms repeatable) IW 4.7 kA
Short time withstand current DC (100 ms unrepeatable) IW 20 kA
Rated current DC (60 min) Ir 105 A
Lightning current impulse (8/20) Iimp-n 40 kA
High charge impulse (10/350) Iimp-hc 40 kA
Varistor voltage DC at 1 mA UV 180 V
Residual voltage at Iimp-n Ures ≤ 500 V
Response time at lightning current impulse tR < 25 ns
Response time of thyristor tR < 1.2 ms
Operating temperature ϑ - 40 ÷ 55 °C
Altitude Without limits
Tightening moment 16
Degree of protection IP67
Installation Using two M12 screws
Operating position Any, Vertical
Product placement environment External
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