Article number: 10 246
  • Lightning impulse current and surge arresters type T1+T2+T3.
  • The products consist of varistors with big discharge ability.
  • HLSA12,5 in configurations 1+1, 3+1 and HLSA12,5G are additionally combined with a gas discharge tube which ensures zero leakage current through the PE conductor.
  • Suitable for objects with considerable levels of protection LPL III and LPL IV.
  • Installed at the boundaries of LPZ 0 – LPZ 1 and higher zones, closest to where overhead line enters the building i.e. in the main distribution boards.
  • In case of the installation of a type T1+T2+T3 in the main switchboard, it is also necessary to install type T2 and T3 in any additional distribution boards in the electrical installation.
  • If the product contains two PE (or PEN) terminals, it must not be used as a PE (PEN) bridge.
  • M indication specifies a type of construction with removable module.
  • S indication specifies a version with remote monitoring.
Impulse discharge current for class I test (10/350) Iimp 12.5 kA
Test class according to EN 61643-11:2012 (IEC 61643-11:2011) T1, T2, T3
System TN
Number of poles
Rated operating AC voltage UN 230 V
Maximum continuous operating voltage AC UC 255 V
Maximum discharge current (8/20) Imax 50 kA
Charge Q 6.25 As
Specific energy for class I test W/R 39 kJ/Ω
Nominal discharge current for class II test (8/20) In 25 kA
Open circuit voltage of the combination wave generator UOC 6 kV
Voltage protection level at In Up < 1.1 kV
Temporary overvoltage test (TOV) for tT = 5 s UT 337 V
Temporary overvoltage test (TOV) for tT = 120 min UT 440 V
Response time tA < 100 ns
Maximal back-up fuse 160 A gL/gG
Residual current IPE ≤ 5 µA
Short-circuit current rating at maximum back-up fuse ISCCR 60 kArms
Lightning protection zone LPZ 0-1, LPZ 1-2, LPZ 2-3, LPZ3
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection IP20
Operating temperature ϑ - 40 ÷ 70 °C
Humidity range RH 5 ÷ 95 %
Minimum cross-section of connected Cu conductors accord. to HD 60364-5-53:2022 (doesn't apply to „V“ connection) for T1 S 6 mm² (L, N)
16 mm² (PE, PEN)
Minimum cross-section of connected Cu conductors accord. to HD 60364-5-53:2022 (doesn't apply to „V“ connection) for T2 S 2.5 mm² (L, N)
6 mm² (PE, PEN)
Clamp fastening range (solid conductor) 1.5 ÷ 25 mm2
Clamp fastening range (stranded conductor) 1.5 ÷ 16 mm2
Tightening moment 3
Installation On DIN rail 35 mm
Modular width 1
Operating position Any
Product placement environment Internal
Signalling at the device Optic
Importance of local signaling OK – clear target
FAULT – red target
Remote signalling No
Modular design No
Lifetime > 100 000 h
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