TL 6003

Article number: 70 603
  • The coupling devices TL* are used to adapt the input circuits of the insulation monitoring device to a higher operating voltage than the operating voltage of the IMD directly.
  • The coupling units are connected between IT power supply system and insulation monitoring device.
Rated operating AC voltage UN 6 000 V
Maximum continuous operating voltage AC UC 7 200 V
Designed for insulation monitoring device HIS71, HIG95, HIG93, HIG91, HIG92, HIG94
Maximal operating current AC IC < 3 x 18
Internal resistance RIN 9 x 20
Internal inductance LIN 9 x 330
Filtration capacitance C 34 µF
Offset for insulation monitoring device Rtl ext 20 kΩ
Housing material PS-FR
Degree of protection IP62
Operating temperature ϑ - 25 ÷ 55 °C
Recommended cross-section of connected conductors S 1.5 mm2
Installation On the mounting plate
Operating position Any
Operation type Permanent
Lifetime > 100 000 h
Use for traction No
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