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Insulation status monitoring of combined systems up to 1000 V

If the isolated system contains elements of galvanically connected inverters or rectifiers, it is a combined isolated network (AC/DC type according to IEC 61557-8). Insulation monitoring devices, which are not affected by semiconductor elements in the isolated network circuit, should be used to monitor a similar system.

HAKEL company offers for these networks a solution in the form of HIG99 device. It is an insulation monitoring device that allows monitoring of DC systems up to 1000 V voltage, or AC systems up to 710 V voltage. Device is designed for a wide operating range of network frequency (DC, 10 to 440 Hz). This makes it suitable also for monitoring the outputs of frequency converters for motor control.

This product offers a wide measuring range (1 kΩ to 10 MΩ). Insulation fault signalling is realized by means of relay contacts. HIG99 KM* communication modules series is available if the device is required to transmit information to the master system. HIG99 KM* series offers connection and control of the device by using CAN or RS485 bus.

Device is powered by an independent voltage of 24 V DC, so it allows to measure a network that is not under voltage. Thanks to this, HIG99 enables to measure the insulation resistance even of switched off system. This feature is often used to verify the insulation condition, even before the technology is started (e.g., before the production line is put into operation).

If the application requires monitoring of voltage higher than 1000 V, a coupler from the HIG-CD series can be used, which can increase the measured system voltage up to the limit of 2 kV.

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  1. Insulation status monitoring of combined systems up to 1000 V
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