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Insulation status monitoring of the alternating IT power supply system

In industrial applications, we most often encounter alternating electrical wiring with a 50 Hz basic operating frequency. In most cases, these are single-phase networks with a voltage of 230 V, or three-phase networks with a voltage of 400, 500 or 600 V.

For insulation status monitoring, in industrial AC systems, HAKEL company offers HIG93 insulation monitoring device. Device has a measuring range from 5 to 900 kΩ, is equipped with a pair of signalling relays, RS485 communication line, and especially with a display for displaying measured values and for operation. Specialty of this device is that it allows networks monitoring without voltage - its power supply is independent of the measured system. Thanks to this, HIG93 allows to measure the insulation resistance even of switched off system. This feature is often used to verify the insulation condition, even before the technology is started (e.g., before the production line is put into operation).

This device is intended to direct connection to IT systems up to 230 V phase voltage. If monitoring of higher voltage power supply systems is required, we use couplers from the TL* series. These products allow to connect HIG93 to 400, 500, 600 V systems, but also to higher voltages. Standard maximum coupler design offered by HAKEL company is realized by using the product TL6003, thanks to which it is possible to monitor the system up to 3 x 6000 V.

Other variants of HIG93 are, for example, the variant HIG93/N, which instead of the standard 230 V AC supply has a supply realized by 24 V DC. Thanks to this, it is possible to supply the device from a low voltage, which can also be backed up, for example, from a battery.

HIG93 is produced with RS485 communication line, thanks to which it can be connected to a supervisory workplace or to HAKEL MDS-D panel. For implementation in the user interface, it is also possible to use HIG93/E variant, which has an integrated web server or MODBUS TCP communication protocol.

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