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In Russia, the construction of a new company headquarters has begun

News of the Hakel 8.11.2019

Construction of the new Hakel headquarters in Russia has started in mid-August. The building will be located in the Greenstate industrial park in Gorelov and the total area of production, office and storage space will be 11 thousand m2. The new headquarters will serve for SPD production, there will be a test room, warehouses but … Continued

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Hakel celebrated 25 years

News of the Hakel 7.11.2019

It has been 25 years since HAKEL establishment. Many thanks to all business partners, suppliers, customers we worked with during this quarter-century and look forward to the next successful years ahead.

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Voltage surge protectors in IT systems


An IT power supply system is an unearthed system where all live parts are insulated from the ground, or one point of the system is grounded through large impedance. Non-live parts of the wiring system are grounded (see CSN 33 2000-1 ed. 2). An insulated system increases the operational reliability and safety of people within … Continued

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