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    ISOLGUARD insulation monitoring device for hospitals


    ISOLGUARD insulation monitoring device HIG95+

    The insulation monitoring device HIG95+ produced by HAKEL for the ISOLGUARD series is designed for monitoring the insulation status of single-phase ungrounded IT power supply systems in the health sector. The insulation monitoring device enables monitoring of the ungrounded IT power supply systems according to standards EN61010-1 ed. 2, EN 50522, EN 61936-1 up to the maximum operating voltage 275V AC. It is also equipped with measuring circuits which ensure evaluation and failure signalling of the monitoring system originated due to thermal () or current overloading of the medical transformer.

    The insulation monitoring devices are equipped to display the numeric value of the measured insulation resistance. In addition, the control buttons for setting the parameters of insulation monitoring devices and signalling LED diodes can be used to display the status of the checked network.

     It is possible to connect to the insulation monitoring device modules for remote signalling of the status MDS10T or MDS-D produced by HAKEL.

    Built-in alarm relay with a switching contact enables connect devices for signaling the insulation status error and the thermal () or current overloading error.

    Only one insulation monitoring device can be connected to the same ungrounded IT power supply system.

    Download datasheet of HIG95+

    ISOLGUARD insulation monitoring device for hospitals


    Remote signalling module with display (MDS-D and MDS-D / IP66) of the ISOLGUARD series, is a device equipped with a touch screen displaying the status of insulated IT power supply systems, monitored by insulation monitoring devices HIG9x made by HAKEL. Communication is done via RS485 line.

    MDS-D panel also offers another line RS485 (External bus), which is used to transfer actual data to the superior user system. Communication on this line is done by telegrams based on Profibus protocol. Description of this protocol is available to the user.

    MDS-D devices are primarily designed for supervising and monitoring workplaces requiring continuous displaying of the status of IT power supply systems monitored by insulation monitoring devices type HIG9x/485.

    Download datasheet of MDS-D

    ISOLGUARD insulation monitoring device for hospitals

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