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    Voltage limiters designed for overvoltage protection



    It is range of voltage limiters designed for overvoltage protection of personnel and equipment in DC and AC rail traction systems. It is recommended to install this limiter between the current return path and non-electrified parts of structures laying adjacent to the rails. Internal construction of HGS is based at application of high power gas-filled gas discharge tube (GDT), which is built in to stainless steel box. In case of overvoltage, HGS100 RW generates a durable conductive path between the overloaded area and the railway’s substation. This results in increased current loads that are sensed at the substation, tripping the safety switch and thus protecting personnel and equipment. In addition, all overvoltages generated by lightning are effectively limited by Hakel’s internal construction of HGS100 RW. All requirements given by EN 50122-1 and EN 61643-1/A11 relating to electrical safety earthing for this specific use are also fulfiled.

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    Surge reduction filter – HSRF 200

    HSRF 200 is a combination of two stage surge reduction protection device & high frequency filter with first rate effectivity. HSRF comply with requirements of EN 61643-11 & IEC 61643-1 standards. HSRF is recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0 – 2 (acc. to IEC 1312-1 and EN 62305) for lightning current equipotential bonding in power supply systems applications. HSRF is to be placed as near to the protected appliances as possible, for example near to electronic control systems of NC machines, electronic of robotic production and another sensitive electronic appliances. HSRF is offered in standard waterproof metal box with inbuilt optical diagnostic control panel of correct function. In addition it is equipped with next internal accoustic alert and potential free changeover remote damage contact.

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