New fault location “HIG-IFL DELTA” in practice


During March 2020, we completed the development of a new fault loca­tion module HIG-IFL DELTA. It is a de­vice that can specify on which outlet of the IT system the fault occurred. It is a new member of the medical line „DELTA“ – the latest generation of de­vices for monitoring the state of insu­lation in medical IT systems from the company HAKEL.

The fault location module is an inno­vated version of the HIG-IFL1 device, which has proven itself in practice very well and today it monitors the le­vel of insulation in the Czech Republic, Iran, India, Columbia and other coun­tries as well. During its development, we therefore built on the already pro­ved design and comments of users. This created a product that meets the requirements of recent standards and, in addition, its use is much more comfortable for the electrical de­signer and the electrical installation company.

It is essential that the device serves as an accessory to the existing system. As a result, we can now offer a com­plete line for healthcare which inclu­des one IMD (HIG95-DELTA), one fault location module (HIG-IFL DELTA) and two possible types of remote signa­ling modules (MDS-D, MDS-DELTA).

It is our good habit to put each new device into operation for observation (field testing). This time we placed the new HIG-IFL DELTA in the University Hospital Ostrava, specifically in the department of ORIM (Department of Resuscitation and Intensive Care).

It is a department with relatively high electrical consumption and an unusually large area of the insulated system itself. Therefore, placing the fault location here is appropriate. The original monitoring was provided by HIS400 together with the TOM unit. The remote signaling module was solved by a combination of ZJ24 and MDS10T. This set was replaced by HIG­95-DELTA, Power Supply DC24V, MD­S-D and mainly fault location module HIG-IFL DELTA.

The first tests we performed on the day of installation went smoothly and the whole system behaved very well. Both, the fault location properties and the properties of the IMD were tested again. A data logger was installed in place, which records the measured magnitudes. At the end of April, we will arrange the disconnection of the converter and perform an evaluation, which should confirm that the system we have designed is completely relia­ble in all aspects.

Michal Závodník


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