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    Insulating monitoring device with fault location


    HAKEL ISOLGUARD HIG-IFL1 insulating monitoring device with fault location is a system designed for comprehensive insulating status
    monitoring of single-phase insulated IT systems.


    • The device enables the thermal and current load of the isolation transformer to be evaluated.      
    • The device is equipped with a screen to display the numerical value of the observed insulation resistance and also the values of the isolation transformer’s current and thermal load.
    • An MDS-D panel with a touch screen can be connected to the device via the RS485 busbar for displaying the currently observed values and the current IMD setting.          

    The built-in contacts enable remote signalling of insulation status faults in the system monitored and/or of thermal/current overload
    of the isolation transformer.

    • Insulation monitoring device for AC systems 0 to 275 V voltage
    • Insulation fault evaluation in 8 independent circuits (channels) of the IT system, this number can be increased by using extension modules
    • Display of the observed insulation resistance, current load and thermal load
    • Isolation transformer temperature measurement by using one of 3 sensor types
    • Isolation transformer current load measurement by means of a measuring current transformer
    • Signalling contacts for IT system faults
    • Connection to the RS485 busbar, insulation strength 2500 Vrms against the internal circuits and circuits of the system monitored
    • Optional communication with a master system via the RS485 busbar
    • Communication protocol description available on request
    • Pushbuttons available for setting the critical values, hysteresis values and other parameters
    • Access to the IMD parameter setting with the pushbuttons can be locked/ unlocked by a button combination
    • Separate supply voltage allow also such IT systems as are not under voltage to be monitored
    • Module of the rack case 19” standard 1U height

    Only one insulation monitoring device can be connected to the same ungrounded IT power supply system.

    Insulating monitoring device with fault location




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