New series of surge arresters HLSA12,5G−255


Our new series of surge arresters HLSA12,5G−255 which builds on the already existing HLSA25G-255 has been created based on customer requests. It contains arresters of impulse current and surge arresters of type T1+T2+T3.

They are composed of varistors with a high condution capacity in combination with a lightning arrester which provides zero leakage current through the PE conductor. New series is suitable for objects with proposed protection level LPL III and LPL IV. Installion is done at the borderline of zones LPZ 0 – LPZ 1 and higher, as close as possible to the entry point of the cable line to the building – the main switchboards. In case of installation of the surge arrester marked T1+T2+T3 in the main switchboard, it is necessary to also install surge arresters T2 and T3 in the secondary switchboards.

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