HGS 100 Ex

Article number: 10 201
  • High power gas discharge tubes marked with Ex are suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas, where ensure the equipotential bonding between inactive parts, which are not conductively interconnected due to the operating conditions.
  • Recommended for insulated flanges and insulated screw joints bridging in cathodic protected parts of industrial technology.
  • In case of origin of potential difference between those parts, the high power gas discharge tube ignites and interconnects both insulated parts for a transient time.
  • High protection degree of the housing allows using indoors, outdoors and also in the underground.
  • Suitable construction prevents the formation of sparks and minimizes the release of heat generated during the discharge of the highest lightning impulse current.
  • II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb
  • Equipment Group II: Electrical equipment of Group II is intended for use in locations with an explosive gaseous atmosphere other than underground mines with occurrence of methane (surface).
  • Equipment category 2G: Area use – zone 1, 2 according to EN 60079-10-1 (IEC 60079-10-1:2015).
  • Ex: Designation of equipment in potentially explosive areas.
  • Type of protection m: potting with sealing compound mb (for EPL protection level “Mb, Gb, Db”).
  • Gas Explosion Group IIC: Equipment labeled with IIC is suitable for use where Group IIA or Group IIB equipment is required.
  • Temperature class T6 (maximum surface temperature): T6 – 85 °C (carbon bisulphide, ethylnitrite and other gases with higher ignition temperature).
  • EPL protection level (probability that a device will become a gas initiator): Gb – equipment for explosive gas atmospheres that has a „high“ level of protection and it is not a source of ignition in normal operation or at expected failures.
  • II 2D Ex mb IIIC T80 °C Db
  • Equipment Group II: equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres other than underground mines with occurrence of gas (methane) and/or combustible dust.
  • Equipment category 2D: Area use – zone 21, 22 according to EN 60079-10-1 (IEC 60079-10-1:2015).
  • Dust explosion group IIIC (categorized according to the characteristics of the dust explosive atmosphere): IIIC conductive dusts.
  • Maximum surface temperature T80 °C: the highest temperature that occurs when operating in the most adverse conditions (but within confirmed tolerances) on any part of the electrical equipment surface.
  • Protection level EPL Db: Db – equipment for dust explosive atmospheres, which has a „high“ level of protection and it is not a source of ignition in normal operation or at expected faults.
Certified for explosive areas Yes
EU - Type Examination Certificate II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb,
II 2D Ex mb IIIC T80 °C Db
EU - Type Examination Certificate number FTZÚ 04 ATEX 0255X
DC ignition voltage 400 ÷ 750 V
AC ignition voltage (50/60 Hz) Uaw ≥ 550 Vrms
Maximum discharge current (8/20) Imax 100 kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20) In 75 kA
Rated AC withstand voltage of mains frequency UW AC 285 V
Rated impulse sparkover voltage Ur imp < 1 400 V
Impulse discharge current (10/350) Iimp 100 kA
Charge Q 50 As
Specific energy W/R 2 500 kJ/Ω
Voltage protection level at Iimp Up < 1 kV
Insulation resistance at 100 V DC Ri > 1 GΩ
Capacitance at 1 MHz C < 25 pF
Housing material Stainless steel
Casing Polyurethane resin
Degree of protection IP67
Ambient temperature range for Class T6 ϑ - 20 ÷ 30 °C
Installation By cable, On the flange
Lifetime > 100 000 h
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