PIVM PV 800 DS Vseries

Article number: 16 074
  • Lightning impulse current and surge arresters type T1+T2 intended for photovoltaic systems (PV).
  • Products are designed in a Y-type connection, which is resistant to earth faults of working conductors.
  • Particular varistor sectors, connected between the terminals L+, L-, PE, are equipped with internal disconnectors, which are activated when the varistors fail (overheat) and they are able to interrupt the DC current.
  • Special construction of the internal disconnector allows installation without a back-up fuse.
  • They are installed on the DC side in PV applications with external LPS, where a sufficient distance "s" is not observed.
  • Suitable for level LPL III or IV.
  • Ensure the equipotential bonding of plus and minus busbars of PV systems and the elimination of transient overvoltage resulting from the atmospheric discharges (including direct lightning strike to the PV system) or switching processes.
  • M indication specifies a type of construction with removable module.
  • DS indication specifies a version with remote monitoring.
Impulse discharge current for class I test (10/350) Iimp 6.5 kA
Test class according to EN 61643-11:2012 and EN 61643-31:2019 T1, T2
System DC
PV system type Ungrounded
SPD connection type Y
Maximum continuous operating voltage (+/-) UCPV 870 V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (±/PE) UCPV 870 V DC
Max. voltage of PV generator UOCSTC ≤ UCPV / 1.2 UOCSTC 730 V
Short-circuit current rating ISCPV 10 kA
Charge Q 3.25 As
Specific energy for class I test W/R 10.56 kJ/Ω
Maximum discharge current (8/20) Imax 40 kA
Nominal discharge current for class II test (8/20) In 15 kA
Voltage protection level at In (L+/L-) Up < 3.3 kV
Response time tA < 25 ns
Housing material Polyamid PA6, UL94 V-0
Degree of protection IP20
Operating temperature ϑ - 40 ÷ 70 °C
Humidity range RH 5 ÷ 95 %
Minimum cross-section of connected Cu conductors accord. to HD 60364-5-53:2022 (doesn't apply to „V“ connection) for T1 S 6 mm² (L, N)
16 mm² (PE, PEN)
Minimum cross-section of connected Cu conductors accord. to HD 60364-5-53:2022 (doesn't apply to „V“ connection) for T2 S 2.5 mm² (L, N)
6 mm² (PE, PEN)
Clamp fastening range (solid conductor) 2.5 ÷ 35 mm2
Clamp fastening range (stranded conductor) 2.5 ÷ 25 mm2
Tightening moment 4
Installation On DIN rail 35 mm
Modular width 3
Operating position Any
Product placement environment Internal
SPD failure mode OCFM
Signalling at the device Optic
Importance of local signaling OK – green target
FAULT – red target
Remote signalling Yes
Potential free signal contact (S) (recommended cross-section of remote monitoring max. 1 mm2) AC: 250 V / 1.5 A, DC: 250 V / 0.1 A
Modular design Yes
Article number of spare module 16 075
Lifetime > 100 000 h
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