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Health sector

Few applications in our surroundings as medical facilities can be considered so sensitive to power outages. Interruption of the electricity supply at the wrong time can lead to irreversible damage to technical equipment and, in particular, to endanger the health of patients.


Our solutions

    In medical locations of group 2, the standard HD 60364-7-710:2012 orders to use an isolated system to supply critical circuits. In addition, the standard extends the basic responsibilities of IT power supply system monitoring (defined by the standard HD 60364-4-41:2017) and implement a special type of isolated system, the so-called Medical IT power supply system (MIS).

    We usually distinguish between two types of MIS systems. These are IC-MIS type (important circuits) and VIC-MIS type (very important circuits). The basic difference between these circuits is that VIC-MIS power supply systems are equipped with an additional level of backup against power supply outages - usually by a UPS system.

    Up to four types of distribution networks can be found at workplaces of group 2 medical locations. LIC (less important circuit) and IC (important circuit) network types are TN type distributions and it is not permitted to supply life support appliances and other critical medical appliances from them. IC-MIS and VIC-MIS systems types are IT power supply system type and it is permitted to supply life support appliances and other critical medical appliances from them. In order to make it clear which network/power supply system it is and with what level of power supply backup, the colours of individual networks/power supply systems are normatively established. LIC type sockets are white. IC type sockets are green. IC-MIS type sockets are yellow and the best backed-up power supply VIC-MIS is orange. Each MIS socket must have a presence of voltage indicator.

    In terms of MIS condition monitoring, it is ordered that the supervision of MIS must be carried out in a suitable place, where it must be constantly controlled by medical staff. In practice, an approach is chosen in which a supervisory panel is placed in the operating theatres and ICU locations, so that in the event of an ongoing medical procedure, the medical staff will be informed of a possible threat to the energy supply.

    In HAKEL company, we solve supervision, in medical locations of group 2, by using MDS-DELTA supervisory panels. These panels meet the requirements for acoustic and optical signalling, while the acoustic signalling can be shut down and the visual cannot. In addition, they contain a button to invoke a remote test of the insulation monitoring device. 

    These panels are available in a design for a 45x45 mm cable tray or in a design for a switch box (diameter 68 mm). Standard protection is IP20, however a version for rooms with rinsing is also available and has IP44 protection. All versions of signalling panels are made of antimicrobial material and are therefore also intended for direct assembling in operating theatres, requiring maximum sterility.

    We recommend to control the insulation resistance function at regular intervals not only with the "TEST" test push-button, but also with a test plug, which invokes a clearly defined insulation resistance fault. For these purposes, HAKEL company produces a product called Test Resistor
    47 kOhm.
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    The medical IT power supply system is created by a separate and for this purpose dedicated transformer. HD 60364-7-710:2012 standard orders the transformer to be located in the maximum closeness of a separate medical locations of group 2 and strongly recommends that the distance between the output terminals of the transformer and the appliance itself be up to 25 m. It is forbidden to protect the transformers at the input and output against overcurrent, only short-circuit protection (fuse) is allowed. Recommended fuse value is given in the transformer data sheet.

    HAKEL company offers safety isolating transformers for healthcare in two series. The MED STD-line series is a series of standard single-phase transformers, which is characterized by high reliability and low switch-on currents. The MED ECO-line series is a series that takes over the features of the MED STD-line series and extends it with a significant effect of reduced operating losses in iron. We supply transformers in a single-phase design, with an input voltage of 230 V or 400 V and outputs from 2,5 kVA to 10 kVA, with a pair of integrated temperature sensors PT100 type. The transformers are available in IP00 protection or in a steel case with IP23 protection.

    In order to be able to operate the transformer in healthcare, it is necessary to monitor its immediate operating temperature and current consumption on the secondary side. This obligation is transferred to the insulation monitoring device, which always monitors at least three quantities in healthcare (MIS insulation resistance, temperature and current of isolating transformer). It is therefore necessary to use special insulation monitoring devices, which are referred to as "IMD MED". This designation is implemented by the standard IEC 61557-8:2014.

    HAKEL company offers HIG95-DELTA insulation monitoring device for health sector. It is a modern device that meets all the requirements for the supervision of the Medical IT Power Supply System (MIS). It evaluates the insulation resistance in the range of 5 kΩ to 10 MΩ. The thermal load of the transformer can be sensed by sensors of type PT100, NTC thermistor or NC sensor. The current load is monitored by measuring current transformers of the HIG-MT series.

    In addition, MDS-DELTA and MDS-D series remote monitoring modules can be connected to this device. A 24 V DC source must be used to supply the remote monitoring modules. It is possible to use sources from the HIG-PS series, where there is a source with an output of 5 W and a source with an output of 15 W.

    The standards also recommend to apply a so-called insulation fault location system to each MIS outlet. It is a system that can detect the outlet in the event of an insulation fault, in the case of MIS, typically the specific socket on which the insulation resistance was disrupted. For HAKEL company, this product is HIG-IFL DELTA. This insulation fault location allows to evaluate up to 6 circuits, and up to 10 products can be used. In total, one supervised isolated system can have 60 outlets.

    If it is required to solve the local switching between the supply of primary and backup feeding, it is possible to use ATyS switches, which HAKEL company also offers.
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    The basic standard for health sector (HD 60364-7-710:2012) orders that the supervision of the Medical IT Power Supply System (MIS) is carried out by medical staff so that the condition of MIS can be controlled continuously. This can be understood as it is not enough to know the condition of the isolated power supply system only during an ongoing medical procedure, but it is necessary to monitor it continuously. The reason is the finding itself whether it is possible to start and complete the procedure at the given workplace without any restrictions. For this reason, remote monitoring modules are usually duplicated - i.e., one MIS has one isolation monitoring device, but up to several remote monitoring modules in different places.

    In practice, we most often encounter a solution where for a certain number of rooms in medical locations of group 2 (e.g., operating theatres, for more see point A) there is at least one room, where medical staff gather, and where someone is always present, regardless of the performance of medical procedures. These are very often the rooms of nurses or doctors. And so, it is appropriate to install a central signalling of all MIS conditions in a similar room. The result is always an early response of medical personnel to insulation status or isolation transformer faults.

    In the HAKEL system, it is recommended to apply MDS-DELTA remote monitoring modules in operating theatres, where these modules can signal only one MIS. Conversely, it is recommended to apply MDS-D series remote monitoring modules to the rooms of nurses and doctors. These modules enable the display of up to 24 isolated systems on one module. If a project engineer chooses a similar solution, condition of MIS systems, which are directly related to the given room, is signalled in the operating theatres. And conversely, condition of all MIS that fall under a given medical department can be easily and clearly seen in the nurses’ room.

    MDS-D is a digital display unit with a colour touch LCD. Module meets the requirements for remote signalling according to standards, i.e., the panel has acoustic and visual fault signalling, acoustic can be removed, optical cannot. Due to clarity, the panel allows user naming of individual MIS and displays real-time measured quantities, their values and settings. Modules require a low voltage supply of 24 V. The HIG-PS series can be used for this, which offers sources with a power of 5 or 15 W.

    MDS-D remote monitoring modules are supplied in two versions, with IP20 protection or IP66 protection. They are always applied on the wall or panel. IP20 design can be assembled on a switch box (diameter 68 mm). Communication with insulation monitoring devices and other HAKEL accessories takes place via RS485 bus. Panels are equipped with a second communication bus, which allows to transmit information to the electrical maintenance or energy department.
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    LV substation is used to distribute electric energy to secondary switchboards across the hospital pavilion building. This is a basic technical room, where only the technical staff of the hospital maintenance moves.

    These substations are very often equipped with a central battery backup system – UPS. Backup power supply units are critical components of the medical infrastructure and they have a direct effect on which parts of the electrical installation remain under voltage in the event of energy supply outage from the distribution system. In order to reduce the risks associated with a UPS system fault, these devices are equipped with control outputs on which they signal their operating conditions.

    In order to provide information on the UPS system condition sufficiently (quickly) to both technical and medical personnel, HAKEL company has developed the HIG-8IN unit. It is an I/O module to which any logic signal can be connected. In UPS terms, we very often connect outputs signalling battery operation, the oncoming end of delivery (discharge) limit and information about the UPS internal fault. These conditions are then transmitted via RS485 bus to the MDS-D remote monitoring module, where the UPS condition report will be signalled along with the medical IT power supply statuses.

    It is often possible to meet with the approach, when the remote monitoring module is installed into the LV substation. The panel is only for hospital technical staff here. Usually, the panel displays information from all MIS in the entire building. A similar MDS-D application then saves maintenance time, that can control the currently measured values for the entire object from one place. If required by the application, MDS-D also includes a bulk test function, when all insulation monitoring devices can be tested at a single touch from one place.
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    Modern approaches to diagnostics and control require that the supervision of medical IT power supply systems (MIS) is carried out not only by medical personnel at the place of medical procedure or at the supervisory workplace, but also to make the whole system remotely accessible to maintenance managers or power engineers.

    The aim is therefore to be able to transfer information about MIS condition to the command workplace, ideally using the existing infrastructure. Because these workplaces are very often dislocated from the medical locations themselves (another floor, another building, or even another city), data transmission via ethernet network is used. Thanks to this, it is possible to monitor the MIS condition theoretically from any place.

    HAKEL company offers HIG-GW E01 and HIG-CTP products for such supervision. It is a communication gateway, which ensures the transmission of information from MDS-D remote monitoring modules to standard ethernet. The product allows monitoring of up to 24 MDS-D panels at a time, where each MDS-D panel can monitor up to 24 insulation monitoring devices (i.e., 24 separate MIS). It is therefore possible to monitor up to 576 medical IT power supply systems via one gateway. In addition, gateway allows to monitor faults and alarms history on all connected MIS.

    HIG-GW E01 gateway has two integrated ways how to monitor MIS conditions. The basic module is an integrated webserver. This allows to view the monitored system from any device that supports the display of web pages. MIS system can therefore be controlled from a regular PC, tablet or phone. If the investor also requires to assign MIS status monitoring to his own system, the integrated MODBUS TCP protocol can be used. This protocol allows MIS condition monitoring by using systems types BMS (building management system) or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).

    HIG-GW E01 is placed in a data switchboard or directly into the IPS panel on a 35 mm DIN rail and it is necessary to supply a small voltage of 24 V DC, with a minimum power of 15 W. We recommend using HIG-PS 24V/15W source for power supply.
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